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1a) Quad course La Tuque - Trenche Dam - La Tuque - 152 km

Course Quad - La Tuque - Barrage Trenche - La Tuque : 152 km




 Leave the intersection du chemin Wayagamac and of the path n° 70 (close to the Maxi)

0 km

Follow the multidisciplinary path going North towards the suspended bridge in direction of the West shore of the Saint-Maurice River. 


 3.8 km

Continue until the next intersection and turn right, constantly following the path n°70 North

 0.9 km

Continue on the path 70 North for 2km, turn left at the intersection

 2.1 km

Continue on the path 70 North for 3 km and turn right

 3.0 km

Follow the pathway for 15km which will lead you near the outfitter Odanak (gasoline, food services, accommodations). The outfitter will be to your right however, if you wish to follow the indications, turn left. 

 14.6 km

Continue for 200 meters and take the branch to the left to follow the path 70 North 

 0.2 km

Continue for 4.3 km to cross the forest road R-0461. You will be at the terminal 90-318. Be aware of the heavy transports when crossing the road to get to 70 North. 

 4.3 km

Continue for 21 km to meet the forest road R-0408. You will see the terminal 90-312. Turn right on the forest road to follow the path 70 North. Be careful, you may come across cars and forestry trucks. 

 21.0 km

Continue on the same road for 6 km, cross the bridge of the Vermillion River. It is a beautiful spot where you can stop by and admire the view. However, it is recommended to make this stop short and sweet. 

 6.0 km

Continue again for 7.7 km to rejoin the asphalted road which joins the dam of la Trenche and Rapid-Blanc, this one being road R-0465.. 

 7.7 km

Turn right and follow this road for 12.3 km to get to the dam of la Trenche. 

 12.3 km


Accommodations accessible by Quad in La Tuque

  • Lodge ( Auberge des lits) (accommodation and food services) ; 819 680-0443 /

  • Camping Union (camping La Tuque) (camping and parkings for trailers) ; 819 523-4561 /

  • Camping Haut de la Chute (camping and parkings for trailers) : 819 523-7575

  • (Hotel) Hôtel Marineau La Tuque ( Motel des 9)  (accommodation, food services and parking for trailers) ; 819 523-4551 /

  • (Hotel) Hôtel Marineau Centre (Motel le Gîte) (accommodation) ; 819 523-9501 /

  • Motel de La Rivière (accommodation and parking for trailers) ; 819 523-2747 /

  • Motel Idéal (accommodation and parking for trailers) ; 819 523-2735

  • Domaine Sylva (accommodation) : 819 523-3767

Coordonnées - 1a) Quad course La Tuque - Trenche Dam - La Tuque - 152 km

550, rue Saint-Louis, La Tuque, Québec G9X 2X4
Tél. 1 877 424-8476

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