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A: weekend loop (quad and dirt bike)

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Offered services

  • Quad stop

Activities to be discovered

  • Accessible by quad

First night in La Tuque

  • Lodge des Lits (accommodations and food services) ; 819 680-0443 / 
  • Camping Union (camping La Tuque) (camping and parking spae for trailers) ; 819 523-4561 /
  • Camping Haut de la Chute (camping and parking space for trailers) : 819 523-7575
  • Hôtel Marineau La Tuque ( Motel des 9)  (accommodations, food services and parking space for trailer) ; 819 523-4551 /
  • Hôtel Marineau Centre (Motel le Gîte) (accommodation) ; 819 523-9501 /
  • Motel de La Rivière (accommodation and parking space for trailers) ; 819 523-2747 /
  • Motel Idéal (accommodaton and parking space for trailers) ; 819 523-2735
  • Domaine Sylva (accommodation) : 819 523-3767

From La Tuque to the forest road R-0425  (125) : 75 km

Take the multifunctional path of the urban sector of La Tuque towards the suspended bridge of the West shore. Do not circulate on the side of the road. 

Cross the suspended bridge spanning the Saint-Maurice River and follow the trail # 70 then # 40 West towards Saint-Michels-des-Saints for 75 km,you can take a break at the outfitter Domaine Desmarais which will be at 2 km from your left. 

Break at the outfitter Desmarais (gas, meals and accommodations on reservation) ; 514 606-3686 /


From the intersection R-0425 (125) to the forest road R-0461 (25) : 40 km

At the intersection of the federated path for quads and of the forest road (125), km 8.5, turn right and continue on this forest road for 40 km.

Second night in La Tuque

  • Outfitter Nemiskau (gas, accommodations and meals with reservations only) ; 450 419-7988 / Situated 9 km aways from the road R-0425, you will need to turn left at KM 39, (about 120 km from La Tuque)
  • Outfitter Windigo (accommodations with reservation) ; 819 523-8181 / Situated at 12 km from the road R-0425, you will need to turn right at KM 44 of the road R-0425 and continue until you see the outfitter (approximately 175 km from La Tuque)

At the intersection of the forest road R-0461 (25), continue straight on this road (60) until the bridge upstream of the dam Rapides-des-Cœurs, at KM 29.  If you wish to stop, stop before the bridge but not once you are on it. 

Continue in a straight line to the Relais 22 Milles situated KM  61 of the forest road R-0450 (10).

  • Relais 22 Mille (gas, food services and accommodation with reservation) ; 819 523-6222 / Situated on the forest road R-0450 (10) at KM 61 (about 190 km from La Tuque)


From km 61 of the forest road R-0450 (10) up to La Tuque :  170 km

drive along the forest road R-0450 (10) up to km 31, you are at the bridge of  the Trenche River where ther eis a big parking space ideal for a break. Turn right before the bridge,  in direction to Rapide-Blanc about 14 km.  Follow the signs quad, pathway no 70 South.

From Rapide-Blanc, cross the bridge spanning the Saint-Maurice River and ride on the asphalted road and not on the side leading to Rapide-Blanc station;about 8 km.  Then, at KM 38 on the asphalted road, turn right on the forest road (26),  keep going up to KM 11,5. If you conitue on the asphalt, you will reach the dam La Trenche but will have to turn around to get to La Tuque.  Turn left and continue for 20 km.  At this precise intersection, you will be at km 14 of the forest road  R-0461 (25). Cross the road and continue for 4 km until the next forest path, turn right heading towards Club Odanak.

From Club Odanak, follow the pathway quad # 70 leading to La Tuque extending on 35 km

  • Club Odanak (accommodation and restaurants on reservation) ; 819 523-8420 / situated diretly on the trail n#70 (about 35 km of La Tuque)


Security rules

  • The itinerary proposed travels through the forest road, despite the fact that there are no timber transportations on weekends, there are many vacationers in the woods.
  • Never stop on a forestry road or a bridge, use the secondary roads.
  • Always plan your itinerary and leave it to a loved one with the date of the day you come back written on it. 
  • Bring gasoline, food, water, cloths and a fisrt aid kit with you. 
  • Know that cellphones do not capture the network in forest, therfore, anticipate an other mean of communication.

This circuit is for information only, there can be changes without notice. Do not hesitate to report any information of helpful comments.

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Tél. 877 424-8476

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