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A: Loop: The Tuque - Roberval - Lac-Édouard - The Tuque (Quad)

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  • Accessible by quad

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  • Accessible by quad

La Tuque – Roberval – Lac-Édouard – La Tuque : 415 km

First night in La Tuque

  • Lodge des Lits (accommodation and food services) ; 819 680-0443 / La Tuque Déli
  • Camping Union La Tuque (camping and parking space for trailer) ; 819 523-4561 /
  • Hôtel Marineau La Tuque ( Motel des 9)  (accommodation, food services and parking space for trailer) ; 819 523-4551 /
  • Hôtel Marineau Centre (Motel le Gîte) (accommodation) ; 819 523-9501 /
  • Motel de La Rivière (accommodation and parking space for trailer) ; 819 523-2747 /
  • Motel Idéal (accommodation) ; 819 523-2735
  • Other parkings for trailers : Parc des Chutes-de-la-Petite-Rivière-Bostonnais ; 819 523-5930
  • Domaine Sylva (accommodation) : 819 523-3767

La Tuque – Roberval : 180 km

Follow the multidisciplinary path leading to the suspended bridge in order to reach the west shore of the Saint-Maurice River. 

Get through the suspended bridge spanning the Saint-Maurice River and follow the trail 70 North direction Rapide-Blanc. 

At 25 km from La Tuque, you will come across the forest road R-0461 (25), keep going towards the North side.

After approximately 20 km, you will be at the km 11,5 of the forest road (26). Turn right and drive for 6 km ; Look out for forestry transportations.

You will catch sight of the village of the Rapide-Blanc station. Cross the bridge of the Vermillon River. It is forbidden to stop on the bridge.

Cross the railway track. At your right, there will be a big parking space ideal to take a break.

Continue on the forest road until km 25.  At this intersection, you will be at KM 38 of the asphalted road. Go left on 8 km towards Rapide-Blanc, to pursuit on the pathway # 70 or turn right towards the dam of la Trenche, 12 km.  You will need to come back on your steps, but its worth it. Do not circulate on the side of the road. 

Keep going on the forest road (26) which brings you in the direction of the forest road R-0450 (10),This being extended on 13 km.  Follow the signs « quad ».  You will be at the KM 31, at the bridge of the Trenche River, big parking space ideal for a break. On the road R-0450 (10), turn left until KM 38.

After this,  at the KM 38 of the forest road R-0450 (10), turn right and continue for approximately 130 km in order to attain Roberval.  From KM 38 on the R-0450, travel 24 km, turn right and go through the bridge that spans the River, keep going until St-Hedwidge.  Turn left for 20 km up to Roberval.


2nd night in Roberval

Roberval – Lac-Édouard : 185 km

From Roberval, take the local pathway for 9 km going to the trail # 60.  Drive on this path for a distance of 30 km and then take the trail # 70 for 5 km up to the intersection of the road 155.

Get across the road 155 going towards Saint-André-du-Lac-St-Jean, about 17 km on this trail  #60- 70  South (follow the blue tags) up to the road # 213.

Turn left until km 30.  Afterwards, turn right for 25 km on the path « Ventadour Nord » up to the road # 410. Turn right for 35 km to get to the municipallity of the Lac-Édouard.

You cross la Zec Kiskisskink (registration mandatory $).


3rd night at the Lac-Édouard

  • Outfitter Lac-Édouard (gas, accommodation, food services and big parking space for trailers) ; 819 653-2100/
  • The outfitter Le Goéland (accommodation, camping) ; 819 653-2006 /
  • Le Gîte d’Édouard (accommodation) ; 819 653-2165 /
  • Le Presbytère de Lac-Édouard (accommodation) ; 819 653-2244 /

Lac-Édouard-La Tuque : 95 km

Take the path # 60-70 South, West from lac Édouard

Then, continue your way leading to La Tuque, this is about 15 km before the next intersection and then turn right.  Keep going for 8 km on the left by constantly following # 60-70 South up to the next intersection where an halt has been constructed.

At this intersection, turn right. There will be 30 km to cover before arriving at the urban sector of La Tuque.

Plan 2 registrations ($),on the zecs Jeannotte and Bessonne. 


This circuit if for precise information only, thre can also be changes without notice.

 Do not hesitate to report any information and comments. 



  • Club Adeptes du Tout-Terrain de La Tuque : 819 680-0625 /
  • Club VTT Les Amis du Lac : 418 618-0248 / 418  275-3633 / facebook ; vttlesamisdulac
  • Réseau zec :
  • Zec Bessonne : 819 523-5540 /
  • Zec kiskissink : 418 348-9356 /





Accessible by the mutidisiplinary path, parking on Scott street. Do not mis the Jeudis centre-ville, they are a once in a lifetime experience (July and August) /


Parc des Chutes-de-la-Petite-Rivière-Bostonnais

Discover this oasis; many interpretation centers, observation tower, fall of 35 meters, area of picnic, pedestrian paths and many more ; 819 523-5930 /


the Suspended bridge

Situated West of the mill West-Rock, this bridge allows to attain the West shore of the Saint-Maurice River. Erected in 1908, it had as a primary function to support the pipe with tap water coming from the lake Parker. One vehicule at a time can circulate in this area.


Village of Rapide-Blanc

Since the years 1930, The Shawinigan is building a village to welcome workers and their families resposible for the exploitation of the power plant. A series of red block houses are erected on the shore and of the river at the height of the dam. Even when there were constructions in the village, the population of the city never exceeded 65 familles[7].

The village also had a lodge available of 13 rooms, an elementry school that offered the education to learn the languages of english and french, two churches, one catholic and the other protestant, a general store, a filtration factory, and a nursing home. Intallations of activities such as: curling, hockey on ice, alpine ski, tennis and soft ball. Before the construction of the power plant of la trenche, inaugurated in 1950, the site was difficult to access because many workers blocked the entry of the road leading to La Tuque and the rest of Quebec. 

La Trenche hydroelectric power station

Her construction was finished in 1950 where it was put in service earlier. This dam has a height of 53 m and a width of 442 m. Her capacity to hold cubes of water is 6 millions of meters and forms the lac Tourouvre.


Rapide-Blanc Station

The Station of the Rapide Blanc becomes important: a station with company bosses full time, a siding with a crane that transports heavy materials from the wagons to the trucs, etc. Rapide Blanc Station, in addition to the servings of Rapide Blanc was once surpopulated, mostly when the activities to cut and the floating of the wood occured. A saw mill called   ("La WoodHouse") was opperated on the other side of the railway track. 


Trenche River

The Trenche River flows between the Saint-Maurice River and la Croche River. This rivers widens at certain areas to form many lakes; as le Tourouvre (dam Trenche).


Lac Édouard

A mangnificent body of water which is 26 km long, allows for the people who are lovers of aquatic and outdoors activites to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the great number of beaches and bays. 


Centre de valorisation de Lac-Édouard

"La Coop de Solidarité de Lac-Édouard" put in place a new center of valorization July 2013. It regroups a general store offering different products of everyday life and aslo an interpretation center on the history of the Lac-Édouard.

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