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A: Saint-Michel des Saints loop - Parent - Casey - St-Michel-des-Saints (ATV and off-road motorcycle)

Offered services

  • Accessible by quad

St-Michels-des-Saint-Parent : 465 km

Parking space available at St-Michel-des-Saints, check with the club. 

Take the pathway #54 leading to l’Ascension, about 112 km, then turn right. From this intersection to the l’Ascension, there is 26 km remaining and this, still being on the path # 54.

From l’Ascension continue on the pathway # 54 for about 30 km. After that, keep your right on the local path direction Parent. After 100 km, you will discover the falls Connor.

Rigth after the falls Connor, continue for 6 km, afterwards, turn right for 48 km before reaching the federate path #45.  After 48 km the local path becomes the path #45 , you will have to keep ging for about 73 km and stay to the right.

You should take an old-fashioned ferry in order to span the river Bazin and this being after 14km. (the maximum width for this ferry is 61 inches. If your side-by-side is larger, you will have to follwot eh forest road by the relay Lu-Nic direction Parent.) 

Then, pursuit your journey for 9 km until the junction of the path #70.  At 1 km left from the dam Bazin.  For Parent, turn right until you see the trail Parent-Mont-Laurier.



Parent-Casey-St-Michel-des-Saints : 250 km

From Parent,  go in the direction of La Tuque by taking the forest road R-0450 (10).  One the bridge is crossed, continue for 12km until km 84 and follow the direction Casey.

Turn right on the forest road R-0457 direction Casey for about 66 km for the outfitter Kanawata.

At the intersection of the outfitter Kanawata, there are 150 km left for Saint-Michel-des-Saints.




This circuit is for information only, there can be changes without notice

Do not hesitate to tell us informations or comments


Services offered in Parent

  • Domaine L’Ombre du Vent  (accommodatoin and cottage) ; 819 667-2112 /
  • Hôtel Central (accommodation, food service, gasoline) 819 667-2377 /

Other services offered near

  • Outfitter du Barrage Gouin et Magnan (accommodation, food services and gas) ; 819 666-2332 /
  • Outiftter Kanawata (accommodation. food service, gas) ; 819 666-2007 /
  • Aski de Wemotaci (accommodation) ; 819 666-2525
  • Restaurant Kwatuor de Wemotaci (food service and gas) ; 819 666-2666
  • Fer-à-Cheval (accommodation, gasoline and food service) 819 667-2525 /


Other information :

Unavoidable in Parent

River and dam Bazin

Course of canoe-camping, the Bazin river constitues of a circuit recognized and mapped by the Quebec Federation of canoe and kayak. We can observe numerous rapids, as well as remians of a dam and power station.  

Lake Decelle

Splendid body of water surrounded by sand dunes; beach out of sight

Mountain Radar

Situated at about 5 km of  Parent at the base of the Radar.  From the top of this ancient dismantled military site we can admire a landscape extending on 20 km when the sky is clear.


Place that must be see in close proximity of Parent

Dam Gouin

Erected in 1918,the dam Gouin serves to regularise the waters of the basin, which helps the supply of hydroelectric power station.  Below the dam Gouin, 12 hydroelectic power stations have been erected in the last century; ten are still active. There are no visits possible to the hydroelectric instalations. 


The word Wemotaci comes from the name of a hill. Our ancestors translated this meaning by the action of wind on the snow that forms waves. An other definiton means: an observation place referring to the mountain situated behind Wemotaci. 


It is impressive to see this landing stip in the middle of the forest, she apparently dates from the years 50.  The goal was to be ready for any ugent landings and refueling during the period of the war. The track is 2.5 km long is 3 feet thick.  You can see underground installatiosn and well as barracks.

Coordonnées - A: Saint-Michel des Saints loop - Parent - Casey - St-Michel-des-Saints (ATV and off-road motorcycle)

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