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Club Kilomètre Zéro (club de marche)

This walking club offers 2 types of walks: A long hiking trail and a short one. Many volunteers are engaged to offer paths in excellent conditions and signalize these paths for over 150 km.


This trail goes 20 km along the West Bank of the Saint-Maurice River between La Tuque (Devriche) and the Parc des 3 Soeurs. The total duration of the trail is 2 days. An access to the river allows shorter stays by benefiting from the service by boat. This path is classified intermediate due to several rises and successive descents, giving walkers a challenge that will live up to their expectations. 2 campsites, containing 5 platforms each, both are located near a water source. An entirely renovated shelter in the Lac-en-Coeur camping allows a stay-over-night visit. The Devriche or Bourassa parkings are a few kilometers away from the shelter.

Short hike paths

Easy hike: 12, 9 km

For a moderated excursion, a hiking path in the Mauricycle trails are available. This way offers a unique view where a belvedere is there for you to enjoy a lunch. The circuit is well signalized and a map is available at the tourist information desk situated at the La Tuque’s city train station.

Other hikes: Walk around the lac du Pendu : (less than 4km), accessible by the arbor on the La Tuque’s town bypass : section lac du Pendu

With beautiful colors: Easy paths in the Deveriche sector (less than 1 km) to get to the creek and waterfalls, then you can continue along the creek for about 4 km. Two alternatives: Round trip or exit at the Bourassa parking lot.section Deveriche

Intermediate hike: 11-12 km

It begins at La Tuque’s ski hill (chalet de Ski La Tuque) starting at the top of the tube-lifts, towards the Kilomètre Zéro trails. The circuit is in the form of a loop and you might want to plan some stops to admire the beautiful view. The trails are classified intermediate with ascents, cliffs and descents, from where the recommendation of using walking sticks.

Experienced hike : 10,6 km (OPENNED)

This great adventure takes place in the Parc des Trois Sœurs hills. The excursion must be planned because a boat has to be reserved in order to cross the Saint-Maurice River to reach the trails. A wild campsite is available allowing an excursion of an overnight stay or more.

Offered services

  • Parking
  • Brochures and maps
  • Temporary shelter
  • Serviced or unserviced campsite

Activities to be discovered

  • Hiking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country skiing

Cost: Cash only

Shelter: 12$/pers./day.
Minimum of 3 people
36 $/day (to obtain the exclusivity of the shelter)
Camping: 12 $/platform

How to go

Long hike trail: Located on the West Side of La Tuque’s urban area. To get there, take Commerciale Street, then turn left on Saint-Joseph Street. Take Tessier Street and immediately enter the pulp and paper mill entrance. Cross the railroad and continue towards the suspended bridge to get to the Bourassa Street. About 10 km away from the bridge.

Short Hike trail: Accessible at Ski La Tuque or by entries on the bypassing road near the railway bridge.

Coordonnées - Club Kilomètre Zéro (club de marche)

375, rue Saint-Joseph (correspondance), La Tuque, Québec G9X 1L5
Tél. 877 424-8476 (lundi au vendredi) / 819 523-7090 / 819 523-7804 (samedi / dimanche et jours fériés)

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